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Youth Entrepreneurs announces plan to accelerate growth and impact across the U.S.

Wichita, Kan. – Youth Entrepreneurs (YE), a program launched more than 25 years ago to prepare middle and high school students for success in business and in life, has announced a major new initiative and reorganization to accelerate its growth and impact on students and communities across the U.S. 

Over the last two years, YE has grown from having a presence in just three states to now 19. In the 2017- 18 school year, 182 educators in 126 schools reached 3,487 students. Since its inception, YE has more than 30,000 alumni. This current initiative will allow YE to scale the program even further to reach more educators and partners who in turn can help impact the lives of thousands more students. 

“With this new organizational alignment, we can focus on expanding Youth Entrepreneurs in states where we don’t currently have programs in place, as well as to continue to grow in the 19 states where we currently have programs,” said Kylie Stupka, president – Youth Entrepreneurs. 

As a result, YE will no longer be regionally segmented, but instead will be organized as a single, national program with a number of core capabilities focused on achieving continued growth and ensuring measurable impact on students’ lives. 

“Most importantly, YE is enhancing our focus on educators by providing and continuing to develop free resources and activities that best equip them to meet the needs of their students who all have amazing innate abilities and passions,” Stupka said. 

Among those new or enhanced resources: 

  • • The launch of a significantly upgraded online platform, YEAcademy.org, that provides free, customizable activities and teaching resources for educators; 
  • • A Training & Curriculum team dedicated to ensuring the success of each educator implementing the YE program. YE will focus on equipping educators to help their students through training and broader professional development opportunities; 
  • • A Stakeholder Relations team who will work with area teachers, community partners and volunteers to accomplish goals for each student and educator; 
  • • A Partnership team tasked with developing relationships with businesses and organizations across the U.S. to provide opportunities for YE students, educators and alumni, in and out of the classroom; 
  • • An Alumni team devoted to engaging with students once their YE class has ended to offer them additional opportunities outside of the classroom; 
  • • An Innovation & Special Projects team focused on giving YE direction on how to expand the program in new ways that will help even more students; 
  • • Application & Exposure professionals providing logistics support for all YE events and opportunities; and 
  • • A Research & Marketing/Communications team committed to understanding program outcomes and driving awareness of YE across the country by sharing influential insights and student/alumni/educator success stories. 

“We believe these changes will help us scale our program most efficiently, so we can reach more educators and partners, and thus help thousands more students,” Stupka said. 

“With these changes and the hard work of our incredible team, we know YE will not only have an impact on more lives, but also become a thought leader in how we can continue to improve middle and high school education across the U.S. 

“We know the result will be YE students who leave the classroom equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset that is applicable to all facets of life, including critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, a sense of self-awareness and a principled mindset that make them valuable employees and contributing members of their communities,” Stupka said. 

To learn more about the new Youth Entrepreneurs, visit www.youthentrepreneurs.org 

About Youth Entrepreneurs 

Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) began in a single classroom in 1991 and has since grown to inspire more than 30,000 young people to achieve far more than they ever thought possible. YE educators receive extensive online resources, training, and the freedom to customize a real-world, hands-on curriculum that benefits their students most. Rooted in entrepreneurial and economic principles, the YE curriculum reveals the innate passions and abilities within students so they believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. YE is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is funded by private donations. For more information, visit YouthEntrepreneurs.org.