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As a Youth Entrepreneurs student or alumnus you have access to exclusive summer partnership opportunities, scholarships, venture capital awards, networking events and opportunities to promote your entrepreneurial endeavors.

YE Academy Points – Where Participation = Capital $$

The YE Academy point system rewards YE students and alumni for staying involved in the program and carrying out the YE mission. It’s really simple. All alumni will earn points for participating in YE events outside the classroom that can later be translated into capital grant funding. That’s right, the more involved you are, the more money you’ll earn to put toward your business or higher education!

YE Academy Point Values

100 Points = $100
200 Points = $400
325 Points = $700
500 Points = $1,500
725 Points = $2,500

How do I earn points?

Points are earned by actively attending and participating in YE events. You may be able to receive additional points by completing a survey, writing an essay, volunteering or acting as a YE advocate. Find more details on YE Academy including several frequently asked questions.

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What happens after I cash out at the $2,500 level? ROUND TWO!
YE Academy Point Values for Round Two
100 Points = $100
200 Points = $500
325 Points = $900
500 Points = $1,800
725 Points = $3,000

You must cash out at the $2,500 level of Round One to advance to Round Two.

When and how can I redeem my points for cash?

YE Academy points can only be used on one of the following:

1. Further your education endeavors (Example – tuition, books, laptop, etc.)
2. Further your business endeavors (Example – costs associated with operating your business)
3. Professional development (Example – attendance at a camp or seminar/conference)

To process your request, you need to complete a Capital Disbursement form as well as a W-9 and email these to Please include the reason for the cash-out request under the “Purpose of Disbursement” line, information on what you are planning to use the disbursement for, the total cost, and where you are planning to make the purchase/payment.

If there is a definite expense that is not mentioned above that you would like to request disbursement for, you may submit a completed Capital Disbursement Request form with details on the expense for review.


Contact to redeem your points for capital funding.

For more information on opportunities in the Wichita area:

Contact Lindsay Zimmerman at or 316.828.3917.

For information on Topeka::

Contact Tiffany Staley at or 913-749-0199.

For information on KC Metro area opportunities:

Tiffany Staley at or 913-749-0199.

For information about opportunities in Southwest Kansas:

Contact Carl Bors at or 913-433-4134.

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