Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I get YE into a school or organization I care about?

We would love to be a part of your school or organization. In fact, we are currently expanding our reach. To get the ball rolling, call our office at 866-999-3921 or visit to discuss the type of YE program that will best fit your needs. Or, you can visit now to download free YE activities and resources and get started right away!

Q: What schools or organizations have YE?

YE is currently in hundreds of schools and organizations across the United States – and growing.

Funding & Involvement

Q: Where do my funds go?

Youth Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. For information on how our funding is allocated, please see our most recent financial statement

Q: I want to support YE. How can I help?

Check out our Get Involved page or talk to a YE staff member to find the various ways to support YE educators, students, and alumni.

Educators, Schools & Organizations

Q: Is there a fee for the program?

There is no cost to schools. Our program is completely funded through our generous donors.

Q: What is the duration of the program?

The YE Core Curriculum provides educators a foundation from which to develop the course according to their needs (semester, trimester, year-long, etc) and can also be blended into a variety of other content areas and classes.  

Q: Are there other programming options?

YE provides educators with the training, resources and freedom to customize lessons and activities that will benefit their students most. We offer FREE, innovative learning resources rooted in eight Foundational Values, all available by visiting

Q: How do you select teachers?

A successful YE teacher is an inspirational motivator and entrepreneurial thinker. We can assist the district to observe teaching styles and select the best fit for our experiential teaching style. We work with district administration to ensure the needs of the district, the school, the teacher, and YE are met. 

Q: How do you select students?

There are several ways participants are selected for the YE program. Many times educators and counselors champion the program and assist students to fit the elective course into their schedules. We are happy to help brainstorm enrollment ideas for student selection practices that best fit your individual school.

Q: How is YE different than Junior Achievement (JA)?

YE resources are leveraged in many ways. JA courses typically span five sessions within an existing classroom and are taught by outside volunteers. While JA offers K-12 sessions, the majority of JA participants are elementary and middle school level, and participants do not have continuing education incentives.

Students & Alumni: The Program

Q: Is YE like DECA, BPA, or JA?

DECA, BPA, and JA are valuable, particularly when a student participates prior to or in conjunction with the YE class. YE devotes more time to the Four Core Pillars: our eight Foundational Values, Soft Skills, Currency & Auctions, and The Transformational Mindset. In conjuction to YE, these programs serve as great companion programming. 

Q: Are there any prerequisites?

There are no required prerequisites for the class, but we have found that the topics and curriculum covered in our class are much more impactful when students have taken classes like financial literacy, business essentials and have been introduced to economics.

Q: Can anyone take this class?

Our class is open to students and participants based on the requirements of the facilitator. As a student in the YE class, there is no cost to participate - but the rewards are endless.

Q: I don’t want to take that class because I don’t want to start a business.

YE is an amazing opportunity to learn how to think like an entrepreneur, which we believe will help students surpass their goals regardless of if they own a business or work for one. Though many of our alumni have chosen to start their own businesses, we have many former students who have chosen to seek out other ways to create value working for some fantastic companies.

Q: How much does it cost to be a part of YE?

As a student in the YE class, the cost to you is nothing – but the rewards are endless.