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Educator and Student Summits Foster Transformations in Detroit

Youth Entrepreneurs exists to empower and mobilize educators so they are equipped to facilitate transformation in young people through experiential learning and confidence building. Its curriculum seeks to increase the business acumen of students while also giving them the opportunity to discover, develop, and apply their innate talents and abilities as they progress through the program via the Four Pillars of the Foundational Values, Soft Skills, Currency and Auctions, and The Transformation Mindset. It is the belief of Youth Entrepreneurs that its unique offering of educator freedom in the classroom is the conduit by which educator and student transformation ensues; to capitalize on and solidify these transformations in both educators and students, Youth Entrepreneurs hosted nearly 260 educators and 240 alumni in Detroit for the 2019 YEedu and Summit conferences, respectively.

At these two events for Youth Entrepreneurs, educator and student attendees alike reported personal transformation and mindset shifts during the five-day experiences. YEedu, an annual professional development and engagement conference, seeks to empower educators to implement the Youth Entrepreneurs program in their classrooms while also rejuvenating their passion for teaching via leave-to-learn excursions. Summit served as an event for Youth Entrepreneurs alumni who had recently completed the program; it focused on helping these alumni deepen their understanding of the applicability of their talents and abilities through interactive sessions and field trips into the host city’s local communities. The findings of both studies conducted during these conferences indicate the two Youth Entrepreneurs events positively impacted the lives of educator and alumni attendees.

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