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YE Biz Bang 2018 Paves Way for Future

YE’s excited to announce, that together, with the support of generous donors, a record $2 million was raised at Youth Entrepreneurs Biz Bang event. Hosted at INTRUST Bank Arena, this year’s superhero theme brought to life the real superpowers of the evening.

“Biz Bang is always an amazing event,” said Kylie Stupka — president of YE, “but this year’s event was truly superpowered. We are extremely grateful for the support of donors on this night and every day who, along with so many others help us grow our program so more and more students can discover their innate talents and develop a lifelong passion for learning.”

With the generous support of YE donors, YE’s curriculum will reach thousands of classrooms across the country, and give students the opportunity to grow in an entrepreneurial mindset that supports them for life. The program will also continue to put greater emphasis on equipping educators with resources to transform their classrooms.

“I am truly surrounded by superheroes,” said Liz Koch, founder and chairman of YE, “For 27 years, students, teachers, staff and donors have made this possible.”

YE is funded solely by the individuals, foundations and corporations who make up our list of generous donors. Learn more about the impact Youth Entrepreneurs is making on our blog. Youth Entrepreneurs offers an innovative and interactive curriculum for classrooms across the nation.