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Meet DJ

DJ Fisher attributes his successful career as a professional sports agent to an experience he had as a Youth Entrepreneurs student.

YE sparks entrepreneurial spirit: “In 1999, Matt Silverthorne, my YE instructor, divided our class into groups and gave each group $150. We took a trip to Sam’s Club. The goal was to create something to market, sell and make the $150 back. We got to keep any profit over $150. My group took home $40 each.”

DJ was hooked.

He went on to start his first business while still a student at Wichita North High School in Kansas. “Through YE, I started Memories Photography with a friend. It was fun, but photography was not my passion – sports was. I wanted to turn that passion into a purpose.”

DJ’s high school years were rocky. He often skipped school to go to the university library to read about sports and business. The books provided something DJ couldn’t get at home. However, because he missed classes, DJ did not graduate high school on time. He credits God and the YE class as the two positive forces that turned his life around.

DJ opens Defining Sports: DJ knew the sports industry, and he had a connection. Barry Sanders, an ex-NFL running back for the Detroit Lions, is his cousin. DJ saw an opportunity to use that connection and knowledge as a way to build a prosperous future for himself and his community.

In 2005, he opened Defining Sports, now a leading sports marketing, sports management and public relations agency for current and former athletes and coaches in the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NBA D-League and the Olympics.

“I started my agency because I saw a need. Wichita is a hotbed of talent. The town has produced multiple hall of famers, but so many hometown heroes fail to return and give back. I saw so much need – teen pregnancy, substance abuse, gang violence, dropouts, incarceration … I began to imagine what it might look like if these athletes came back to positively influence the kids who were struggling.”

YE principles shape business: DJ remembered the teachings from his YE class and used them to separate his business from the competition. He insisted on representing only those all-star athletes who cared about their communities and wanted to give back.

The business became a success.

The YE alum was named to the Wichita Business Journal’s 2015 40 Under 40 list. He received a congratulatory letter from then-President Barack Obama and was profiled in Black Enterprise magazine as one of 2017’s 100 Men of Distinction.

“We don’t just market and manage pro athletes. We encourage them to live up to our slogan: ‘Heroes in Sports, Legends in Life.’ It’s a great accomplishment to lead the league in scoring, rushing, tackles, blocked shots and rebounds. It’s a great feeling to hoist a trophy above your head, but there is no feeling like using your platform to change someone else’s life,” DJ told Black Enterprise magazine.

Applying his YE mindset: “Although my family helped me growing up, the YE curriculum taught me the logistics of a business – things like defining an LLC and overhead costs.”

YE also helped DJ understand and make a mindset shift, which he promotes at Defining Sports. “The moment you decide to make the shift, you change your life. That’s the beauty of it. All you have to do is choose to see life as full of opportunity, and opportunities suddenly appear. The mindset shift YE teaches is applicable in business and personal life. Look for opportunity, believe in it, and you will see it everywhere.

Responsibility and Be Principled are two huge YE foundational values for me. I try to live by them, and I insist my clients do the same. I don’t care if it’s a $100 million athlete; I won’t take them as a client if our mindsets are not on the same page.”

Most of all, clients must have a heart for service.

“We run a basketball camp called ‘Just a Kid from Wichita.’ Pro athletes teach the camp. Growing up, none of us would have imagined being in the positions we are now, but through the camp, we can encourage others to overcome obstacles like we did.”

YE is a teacher for life: DJ ensures every child who participates in his basketball camp knows about Youth Entrepreneurs. He believes kids across the country should take advantage of the program. “YE is so important because I have been blessed by my family, but I did not have many family members who could teach me business like YE did.”

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