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Breakfast Speakers Embrace Change

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - especially when its main course is business. That’s the goal of the biannual Youth Entrepreneurs Business for Breakfast series in Wichita, Kansas, occurring through November. During the events, YE educators, students and community members gather for breakfast and listen to engaging guest speakers dish out their unique business and life experiences. Holly Avalos, a YE educator at Andover High School in Wichita, and some of her students were able to attend the first event in the series. There, they heard from Chase Koch, the founder and president of Koch Disruptive Technologies, and Annie Koch, co-founder of Wonder, a new, innovative school model. It was an experience her students won’t soon forget. 

“They loved it. I loved it,” Holly said. “They really liked hearing about all the different ways they can connect what they are learning in class to the real world.” 

Business for Breakfast is one way educators and students can gain additional knowledge from members of their own community. By hearing personal insights from high-profile entrepreneurs, they gain unique knowledge and inspiration they can use to develop their talents and skills. 

“Don’t do anything because that’s what you think you have to do,” shared Annie Koch during the event. “Do what gets you out of bed every day. Be obsessed with your interests.” 

In addition to Chase and Annie Koch, the featured speakers for this year’s Business for Breakfast include Eric Dunn, founder of Hooray Ranch, and Johnny Morris, owner of Bass Pro Shops. The events are sponsored by BKD, a national CPA and advisory firm that has been a supporter of YE for more than 20 years. 

“YE’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, combined with the business acumen imparted to their students, is the conduit for business ventures as well as growth in our community by educating future community leaders in the art of business and strategic thinking,” said Bill Pickert, CPA, managing partner at BKD. “We hope those who attend the YE Business for Breakfast series realize they should look at every challenge as an opportunity.” 

For Holly and her students, it’s a challenge they have accepted. 

“It was great for them to hear that the foundational values instilled in them in our class are apparent out in the marketplace. It has made them more driven in my classroom,” said Holly. “It was eye opening for me, too. As an educator, you don’t get exposed to things like this all the time. The speakers’ passion was infectious and I hope to use this moment to fuel my passion for teaching.” 

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch a recording of the Business for Breakfast.