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To The Stars Through Difficulties

Igniting a passion. Opening doors to new opportunities. Transforming mindsets. At Youth Entrepreneurs, our focus is on equipping young people with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new podcast series, YE AND ME, featuring engaging conversations with YE alumni and educators as they share their inspiration, motivation, advice and experiences. Every episode features a unique opportunity to expand the conversation into a valuable classroom discussion with students or share with other educators how YE makes a real impact on its students. 

In the first episode, we meet YE alumna Gissele Mosqueda. Gissele graduated from Wichita North High School in Wichita, Kan., and is currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at Wichita State University. For Gissele, her YE experience was all about overcoming both internal and external barriers and putting the Foundational Values of Passion and Opportunity into practice. 


After realizing that her big idea to open a restaurant wasn’t all she thought it would be, a conversation with her educator helped her realize that focusing on her passion would lead to greater success. “I can’t push myself to do something that I don’t have a passion in doing,” Gissele said. “I am really crafty and I like art things and that’s where I started to create my business. I used that failure to learn hey, you aren’t good at something and that’s okay, but maybe there is another thing you could succeed in.” 


For Gissele, overcoming both internal and external barriers led to more self-confidence and the ability to try new things. Internally, she struggled with the ability to speak to strangers. At a recent college career fair, Gissele decided to put the lessons she learned through YE into practice.  “I was one of the quiet students in the class, so networking with other people wasn’t  something I was ever good at,” she said. “Walking into the career fair I was like, hey, this is kind of like an elevator pitch... imagine if I didn’t take YE, I wouldn’t have known what an elevator pitch was or I wouldn’t know how to create my own brand to display myself to companies who may want to hire me.” 

In addition to internal barriers, Gissele discussed external barriers and how they have impacted her. She shared her thoughts on being both female and Hispanic and encouraged educators to embrace diversity and reach out to all students to share opportunities for success. “I would tell (educators) to really reach out to their students and to not be scared of being rejected the first few times.” 


The obstacles that Gissele has been able to overcome present a unique opportunity for a discussion with students on barriers they may be currently facing. Through Gissele’s experience, students may find inspiration to overcome their own challenges and move forward on a path towards success. Can current students relate to Gissele’s story? Where can they find inspiration? 

A great way to get started is to begin asking the following questions: 

For students: Think of a time that you have failed in the past. How did that failure help you grow?

For students and educators: What could you do on your campus to inspire students, like Gissele, that may be hesitant to take YE?

At YE, we know that behind every great creation is a creator and he or she often overcomes obstacles before their dream becomes reality. Allowing current students to hear how alumni have overcome great odds may help them put their own dreams into perspective. Get started now by listening to the YE AND ME podcast; then, invite students to join in on the discussion. 

Looking for more ways to engage students? Head over to Youth Entrepreneurs where you’ll find free innovative learning resources rooted in eight Foundational Values to engage your students and transform your classroom.


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