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Just Try It: The Power of Networking

What’s in it for me? It’s a question we know students often ask themselves before deciding to begin their YE journey. As an educator, you guide students and help them truly see what they have to gain from the YE experience. For many students, YE is the first time they have been exposed to the entrepreneurial mindset, but as you already know, it doesn’t take long for a passion to be ignited. That was especially true for John Warner, a student at Atlanta’s Stephenson High School. John didn’t think the class would be a good fit for him. But once he got started, he was hooked. He credits the excitement and passion of his instructor with helping him see how YE’s Foundational Values would lead him on a path toward success. 

“I never knew about YE or the basic aspects of the high school elective,” he told us. “The teacher, she is actually the reason I stayed because she was so excited, she gave us all this information and she, like, really allowed us to obtain a lot more skills to make us more successful.” 

And John has been successful. In the latest episode of YE ANDME, he shares his story and how he launched his online marketing  business thanks in large part to the skills he learned through the class. John offers a few words of wisdom to future students (“just try!”)  and he has some great advice for educators as well. 

We think John’s story is one that will certainly resonate in the classroom, especially for those students who aren’t quite sure yet what’s in it for them. 

Listen Now. 

Discussion Questions

After listening to John’s story, which Foundational Values do you think he demonstrates best? Why? 

John discusses the importance of networking. Why do you think this is an important skill for entrepreneurs? How did John use his networking skills to advance his goals? 

John mentioned that if students feel like “they can’t go anywhere”, they should “just try”. Talk about a time when you tried something you were unsure of and how it turned out. What lessons did you learn? 

In YE we often talk about failure as a part of success. Describe a time when you failed at something and what the experience taught you. 

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