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Student of the Month: Auhneiyce Grissom

Auhneiyce Grissom, a student at Hutchinson High School in Hutchinson, Kansas, wanted to find a class that would help prepare her for her future. You know, something boring but necessary. So she decided to take Youth Entrepreneurs.

“I figured it wouldn’t be fun,” said Auhneiyce. “Turns out, it was one of the best experiences in my life.”

Since then, she has been all in on everything YE. And her teacher has taken notice.

“Auhneiyce is a leader in the classroom and an owner in our student run business who is well liked by her peers. She provides outstanding customer service and treats the job as the owner serious and leads by example,” said Clayton Evans, the YE educator at Hutch High. “I would highly recommend her for anything and everything and feel confident she will represent herself, her school and YE to the standard we would love to see as educators.”

Join us in congratulating Auhneiyce on being named YE’s May Student of the Month as well as being accepted to YE Summit this summer in Detroit. View our full conversation with Auhneiyce:

How has YE affected you?
My confidence has increased. I feel more ready for real-world responsibilities and I’ve learned to work under pressure and through difficult situations. YE played a big role in setting me up for these challenges and preparing me for them. Even the name Youth Entrepreneurs makes you feel like you’re doing big things and improving the world, all at a young age.

What were your perceptions of YE prior to taking the class?
I figured it wouldn’t be fun but I wanted to do it anyway to prepare for my future. Turns out, it was one of the best experiences in my life. I got to work with other people, come up with ideas, plan together and succeed. I got to learn things hands-on, which is my favorite. I felt like everything in the class could be applied in real life situations, and that’s exactly what I want to be prepared for.

What impact has your YE teacher had on you?
Mr. Evans, my YE teacher, has played such a big role in my personal transformation. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. He’s encouraging and understanding but pushes me to do my best. He’s the reason I look forward to coming to school. He’s made such an impact in my life. I feel more prepared and confident. I love that he challenged me to solve problems when things went wrong. 

I hear you’re going to YE Summit in Detroit this year. What to you hope to learn?
I applied for the YE Summit because I believe it will bring me out of my comfort zone and teach me more about living in the real world. I’m also excited just to learn more, make connections, meet new people and I look forward to whatever task I will have to accomplish. I’m ready to apply the lessons in my life and I think the YE Summit could play a big role in getting me prepared.