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Artificial Intelligence and Putting Principles before Profits

Profit is a powerful motivator. But some things are more important than revenue. This story details how the creators of one of the world’s most sophisticated AI aren’t releasing it to the public due to worries over potential misuse. But is that the right decision?

The Youth Entrepreneurs curriculum is based on a set of core principles we call our eight Foundational Values. We believe these principles are essential to any young person’s success beyond the classroom walls. The Foundational Values we teach are consistently carried out in everyday interactions. Here, we offer a learning-based deep dive into a timely moment or story in the news that relates to one or more of the principles. 

Educators: Leverage this story and follow-up questions for classroom discussion.
Students and alumni: Read the story then reflect on the questions. 


  • Do you agree with OpenAI’s decision to not release their technology? Why or why not?
  • If this technology became available to you, how would you use it?

  1. When the creators of this AI learned the full capabilities of their product, how did they use their knowledge to make decisions on it’s future?
  2. After reading this article, what knowledge have you gained when it comes to AI and content? 
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  1. In what ways did the creators act in a principled way?
  2. As the technology industry grows rapidly, why is being principled important?
  3. What are some principled ways this technology could be used?
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  1. Does limiting the release of this technology restrict the freedom of choice and true entrepreneurship?
  2. If the full version is made public, are the freedoms we value (speech, the press, etc.) in jeopardy? If so, is sacrificing one freedom for another acceptable? What would your solution to this problem be?
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