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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Before Aaron Cummings  became a famous Youth Entrepreneurs teacher at Watford City High School in Watford City, North Dakota, he was a salesman.

“I had a few jobs before teaching. The most recent was in sales with Menards, Amazon and RPG Souvenirs,” said Aaron. “But something was missing.”

After lots of thought, prayer and discussions, he realized he wanted to make a more meaningful impact on others – by going back to school to get his degree in education.

“There's just something about giving back to the next generation that fills that little hole inside of you,” said Aaron. “It’s fun to give back your knowledge so they don't have to hit the same bumps that you hit.”

And that’s just what he’s been doing ever since. Even with this being his first year at Watford City High School, Mr. Cummings was selected to teach YE. It’s a big responsibility and one he doesn’t take lightly, because his class is the inaugural YE program in North Dakota. 

“I have memories of Watford City as this small town. But now we've started to grow to meet the needs of all these new people from the oil boom,” shares Aaron. “There are a lot of opportunities here to meet the diverse needs of the people that are coming to the area. And YE is helping me teach these kids how to embrace those opportunities in their own way.”

For Aaron, it’s been an impactful year for him and his YE students. Along with the flexible curriculum  that “breaks up the routine with active engagement,” YE provides unique hands-on training for teachers at YEedu. It was a moment he’ll never forget, because it began his discovery of a newfound passion.

“I really appreciated that because it drove curiosity in me,” reflects Aaron. “It sparked something in me. Like why have I been afraid to try my own hand at business? What is one problem that you can solve?”

It’s a lesson he’s putting into action. And he hopes his students follow suit.

“I hope they take away that business is not some pie in the sky idea you have to have tons of money in order to go do it. You can make a difference right here and now.”