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Student of the Month: Lucero Laborin

Across the nation, hundreds of Youth Entrepreneurs students are celebrating everyday successes, both great and small. Once a month, we take a moment to honor a student who truly embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and transforms his or her own life for the better. Congratulations to Lucero Laborin, this month’s winner and a student from Alta Vista High School in Tucson, Arizona! 

Lucero’s nomination was placed by her YE educator, Mrs. McGlothlin, who explains how her student earned the award. “Lucero is energetic, creative, and passionate about making change,” she says. “In class, she is open-minded. She seeks opportunities to grow and be her best, always moving beyond the expected goals.” We were excited to speak with Lucero to see how YE has sparked and kindled her growth mindset. 

What has changed for you over the course of the year? 
I’m a more diligent person, one who thinks beyond what’s placed in front of her and with the help of different resources, find the way to a solution. YE has helped me confirm the real-world thing I want to do: help people and give back to my community. And it showed me that it was possible for people my age to participate in solving a problem for the community, which was a feeling I had not had before. 

Was the class what you expected it to be? 
I knew the class was going to be a challenge, but it was nothing like I had expected. YE is way more than just a regular economics class. 

Why should other students take YE? 
This class teaches you more than any other core class. It will show you qualities you will carry on in all future endeavors – the qualities that shape people into becoming leaders. 

What role has your YE teacher played in your personal transformation? 
My teacher has been incredible and completely supportive when it came to my crazy ideas. She was with us every step of the way at Market Day, but also gave us our own time and let us handle the business on our own. I’ve taken everything she taught us to heart and I’ve used it in everything I do. Thank you, Mrs. McGlothlin! 

And thank you, Lucero! We know you’re going to do big things in this world and can’t wait to see the difference you will make. 
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