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What We Teach

Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

“Many students in today’s world haven’t been given the latitude to experiment. They are told how to think. They are told what to do. They are not allowed to really figure out what it is they are good at,” says Kylie Stupka, president of Youth Entrepreneurs.

That’s where YE comes in. We believe that education should inspire creativity. This is why we mobilize educators and create a community where they can receive support and mentorship. Accompanied with our flexible curriculum and resources for educators, we are able to help them unleash their potential and unlock the innate abilities of each student. By providing students with foundational values and a framework that they can then use to create value for others and themselves, YE equips them with the tools for success – no matter what the world throws at them.

Learn how YE’s experiential learning curriculum is helping students find their passion and use their talents in the real world. Like at Market Day, where students get a hands-on look into what it's like to run a business. Or in the “paper airplanes” lesson, where they learn to take calculated risk.