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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Jaren Hemphill

Youth Entrepreneurs equipped Jaren Hemphill, YE alum, with the skills and confidence to transform his passion for drawing into Hemphill Designs, a graphic design company. “YE showed me that I could be more than a pipedream artist,” he says. Meet Jaren Hemphill. 

As a YE Student: Jaren participated in Youth Entrepreneurs  at Mission Heights Preparatory High School in Casa Grande, Ariz. Jaren describes his YE experience as unique. “YE helped me focus my professionalism. The YE class helped me define target audiences, target markets and different types of businesses.” 

“YE was a blessing to say the least.”

His YE mindset-shift moment: Jaren experienced his YE mindshift moment exhibiting at his first Market Day. “Before, I was very nervous and had a very negative mindset. I thought no one was going to buy my work,” Jaren says. “My YE mentors said, ‘You only fail if you don’t try.’” Jaren’s booth went on to be one of the most popular booths at his school’s Market Day. His experience encouraged him to pursue his passion professionally. 


On exhibiting at Comic-Con: After his successful Market Day pop-up shop, YE sponsored Jaren’s booth at Comic-Con in Phoenix, Ariz., an international comic and culture fan convention. Jaren applied what he learned from his YE class prior to the convention. “Figuring out your target audiences are important. I went onto several fan forums to decide which pieces to create.” After a disappointing first day exhibiting, Jaren’s YE mentor encouraged him to keep a positive mindset and remain hopeful. The next day, Jaren’s booth was full for the entire nine-hour day. 


Hemphill Designs now: Jaren’s business, Hemphill Designs, offers branding, marketing, graphic design, portrait services and more. In addition to managing his business, Jaren is currently a student at Central Arizona College. Once he achieves his associate’s degree in applied sciences, he hopes to pursue a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. He looks forward to building his professional work portfolio and working with even bigger industry names in the future. 


His advice for entrepreneur-hopefuls: “I know it’s scary. You will only fail if you don’t try. Failure and critique is the most important part of your practice and will only help you improve. My advice is to stay humble, and be completely 100% in everything you do. You will make something of yourself as long as you continue to be humble and passionate.” 

“My advice is to stay humble, and be completely 100% in everything you do.”
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