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The Tennis Ball that Will Change The Way You Teach

In Youth Entrepreneurs, experiential learning is at the heart of our curriculum. By creating activities that provide educators with a unique way to explain complex lessons, students are more engaged in the teaching and retain the information easier.

And no lesson in YE’s curriculum is arguably more transformative in this regard than Tennis Ball Factory – which teaches an important but arduous concept.

“Diminishing marginal returns doesn’t sound like a fun topic on the surface,” says Lindsay Schroeder, national program director for Youth Entrepreneurs. “But it’s an important lesson. Our tennis ball experiment helps our educators easily connect their students to the idea of returns and entrepreneurial problem solving.”

With just two buckets and some tennis balls, students learn about more than returns, total production and average and marginal product. By adding and analyzing labor on the “production line,” this activity also becomes a lesson in being principled, sound judgment, knowledge and having a win-win focus. Who knew a tennis ball could do so much? YE educators across the nation are finding out.

“I love the interaction the YE curriculum provides. You can just see them connect the dots as the activity progresses,” said YE educator Mandi Bolinger.

Explore the curriculum to see the full Tennis Ball Factory activity, including pro tips, instructional videos, lesson resources, material lists and more.