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Student of the Month: Hannah Williams

We’re celebrating YE student mindset-shift moments and everyday successes with our Student of the Month award. Congratulations to this month’s winner, Hannah Williams of FlexTech High school in Brighton, Mich. Learn more about Hannah from her YE educator and nominator, Amanda Mace. 


The Foundational Value Hannah exemplifies: “Opportunity. She is always looking for opportunities to help. And she has Passion. When she is motivated to do something, she goes full speed and puts her whole heart into everything she does.” 

How she goes above and beyond: “In the midst of preparing for Market Day, Hannah, who in previous years shied away from getting too involved in school projects, took the reigns. She worked so hard to configure all the costs and calculations for her group’s pitch. On pitch day, she presented me with an additional two pages of math calculations and information she used to figure out the cost and profitability of her business.” 

A mindset shift moment: “At first, Hannah thought she might like to sell t-shirts. But she realized she could use her passion for cooking instead to make a unique product.  With her group, she excels by not only providing a make-your-own pasta bowl business, but they are making their own pasta noodles and sauce from scratch. She recognizes the value of quality homemade cooking and is putting in the work to make that a reality for our Market Day.”

Words to describe Hannah: Determined, passionate, strong, brave. 

Congratulations, Hannah! We wish you the best in your future endeavors — and look forward to hearing about all of your successes!

Know a stellar YE student like Hannah who should win this award? Nominate her or him here!