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Business on the small screen: TV shows for budding entrepreneurs

YE equips young people with the values and vision necessary to pursue their dreams — and business inspiration can be found almost anywhere, including the small screen. Explore four TV shows for budding entrepreneurs: shows that get students shifting into an entrepreneurial mindset. 


Shark Tank

On ABC’s hit show, entrepreneurs from all walks of life have a chance to pitch to a panel of potential investors. Those who pitch successfully secure business deals that could make them millionaires as well. Students can find inspiration from the entrepreneurs’ stories, critique pitches and even learn about the financials of a business. Shark Tank also offers many lessons in marketing as well, and students can explore how entrepreneurs explain the value of their company. YE educator Erik Nelson uses Shark Tank in his classroom regularly, and loves the real-life lessons his students learn.


The Profit

Marcus Lemonis, a serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, lends his expertise to struggling businesses. The Profit doesn’t shy away from challenging aspects of business operations, and students can explore all the hard work it takes to make a business thrive. Students will see how all aspects of a company, from team morale to accounting and everything in between, come together for success.



The Funderdome, hosted by Steve Harvey, is a seed-funding competition reality show. Two entrepreneurs pitch head-to-head to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products, or companies. The audience is the “customer” and votes to determine the winner. But there is a catch. After the pitch and before Steve Harvey reveals the results of the crowd’s vote, one of the entrepreneurs can choose to cash out and walk away for a lesser amount — but they’ll forgo the opportunity to win the full prize. Weighing risk with reward is something every entrepreneur faces. The Funderdome helps start a classroom conversation about knowing your audience, sound judgment and opportunity.


Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist takes an outdoorsy spin on business pitches. Athletes-turned-investors Shawn Johnson, Dhani Jones and Jeremy Bloom travel the country to find products designed especially for the outdoors. The adventure capitalists put these innovative products to the test in the elements — think outerwear that can insulate against freezing temperatures when wet and a mountain bike that can trek over the roughest terrain — and then determine which one is worthy of their investment. Students can see real-life examples of how an entrepreneur’s passion drives their business plans. 


Shows like these can help students see entrepreneurship from a new angle. Explore more entre-inspiration on the YE blog.