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Why my support is a moral obligation: A Partner's Story

For many of us, our mission to transform the lives of young people is personal. For Bruce Lee, it’s everything.

The Founder and CEO of Keebeck Wealth Management joined us in Detroit to be inspired and share his passion for our program. “I am always in awe of this organization and how it continues to empower our young leaders to build the futures they dream of,” Bruce says.

The son of hard-working, first-generation Korean immigrants, Bruce’s dedication to YE reflects values instilled in him from a young age. “My parents believed that education was the cornerstone to become successful in society,” Bruce explains. “I hope I can continue his legacy of knowledge and empowering people.”

At YE Summit, Bruce joined a group of YE alumni for dinner , listening and connecting to their personal journeys. He then inspired hundreds of educators at YEedu with a personal and touching story. Bruce talked about a young man, an intern, who reminded him of his former self. One day during their mentorship experience, he became stricken with the obligation of it all. “I came to realize that it is my responsibility to help him succeed,” Bruce said during his speech. He thanked YE educators for their important role in making this happen for students across the nation.

“Educators are extremely important,” Bruce says. “You can have raw enthusiasm, but if it's not directed in the correct way, it's wasted energy. It has to be something where these kids feel that there's hope, and from that perspective, I think it's almost a social duty that we give these children a chance.”

Thank you to Bruce for giving our students a chance and to all the sponsors and donors who made our time in Detroit a success!