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Teaching Entrepreneurship is Experiential

The process of guiding students from concept to comprehension is a unique journey. Talented educators know that teaching is not so much about “dispensing knowledge” as it is engaging students in discovery, development and application. And to do that, educators need an immense amount of skill and creativity. That’s why at least one administrator has suggested renaming the role to “Learning Engineer.” 

We believe that having a roadmap, and the freedom to adjust it, empowers educators to provide the type of personalized learning that helps students succeed. That’s why we’re proud to offer our new CORE Curriculum Field Guide for Educators. This printable online booklet provides a deeper dive into key concepts and knowledge relevant to each activity, including the Four Pillars that are essential to every activity that is offered in the Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) program. We hope this guide will be an invaluable part of your YE toolkit.
Anchored by our Four Pillars of Foundational Values, Soft Skills, Currency & Auctions and The Transformation Mindset, the breakdown of each activity provides a clear connection to our core principles to help you tie it to YOUR big picture — whether that’s a customized roadmap for teaching special elective classes, or a guideline for how to blend specific activities with your standardized educational curriculum. 

We hope this framework will help you see the program from a broader perspective, allowing for reflection on classroom strategies and outcomes. An awareness of the need for the continued flexibility of teaching methods and lesson plans went into every aspect of development in this field guide, with areas for note-taking, space to include additional examples, and a curriculum pathway that doesn’t necessarily have to be applied linearly. We encourage you to use this as a living, breathing, evolving guidebook — with plenty of freedom to modify activities, innovate and add your own life experiences and knowledge to the mix.

Because learning a topic like entrepreneurship is so experiential — the process of teaching it should be too. We hope you find this guide as fulfilling and useful as the activities you employ to engage your students. And we can’t wait to hear your inspirational stories and feedback from the classroom.