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Insiders: The Alumni Helping Make the YE Summit a Reality

This summer, Youth Entrepreneurs is hosting the second annual YE Summit in Detroit, Michigan. The YE Summit will host three hundred YE alumni selected from across the country. During this week, participants will focus on personal transformation and entrepreneurial innovation. While attending, students will have an opportunity to meet with leaders from the community, innovators, and partner organizations. They will also be able to interact and explore internships, mentorships, scholarships and professional development. 

Behind this amazing event is a team of 27 Insiders working diligently to create an experience that will help transform the lives of the students attending. This group of alumni was chosen with careful consideration. An Insider is an integral part of the Summit and, in many ways, is an extension of the YE staff. 

Keva Gorman, YE Alumni Relationship Manager and mentor to the Insiders, stated that “being an Insider will require hard work, dedication, perseverance, resilience and a willingness to succeed. You must be selfless and committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of Summit. You must be willing to learn and grow with those that you encounter.” 

Insiders will be leaders among their peers at the Summit. They help facilitate discussion in small groups, lead large group activities. Insiders also maintain the energy and hype introductions and activities throughout the week. 

One incoming Insider is Aimani Johnson, an alumnus of YE who has been involved previously with YE community events and recently finished her first year of college. We sat down with her to learn more about her role.

What do you think are some of the most important factors to being an Insider? 
This is a tough question because this is my first experience as an Insider and I am sure my answers will shift after the experience. But, I will say being an excellent communicator, solid interpersonal skills, maintaining good, high energy to keep the YE participants energized, and having knowledge about YE and its principles What are you most excited for with being an Insider? The energy that comes with experiencing a new city, with new faces and all of that creative and innovative activity. Also, further personal growth. I don’t want to just lead but I also would like to grow during Summit. 

What are you most excited for at the Summit?
I’m most excited to meet all the students. I love meeting new people and hearing their background stories. The diversity at the Summit is one thing I am very excited for and will enjoy. 

What transformations do you see from becoming an Insider? 
Growth. I feel like I have experienced a lot of growth being a Youth Entrepreneurs Insider. Becoming a leader is important for being an Insider and learning how to lead right has been a big transformation in my life so far. 

If you had one piece of advice for an Insider or someone considering being an Insider, what would it be? 
Don’t doubt yourself, let yourself explore all opportunities, and don’t be scared about taking an opportunity. I was nervous about becoming an Insider but I have never been this excited to do something.

If you are interested in Insider opportunities in the future contact Keva