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Jurassic World shows us what true Knowledge is … and isn’t

If you’ve seen the latest installment of the Jurassic World series, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” you may not have been looking for the entrepreneurial themes in the film. But we were! And you might be surprised at the overlap. Let’s take a look at one of the YE Foundational Values that’s represented in the movie.

A story like Jurassic World is packed full of science and technology, so it may seem obvious that the YE Foundational Value, “Knowledge,” is heavily at play. But in YE’s approach, knowledge goes deeper than the surface level of simply knowing how to do something. Rather, it’s a call to “seek and use the best knowledge, drive change that benefits others, and exemplify humility and intellectual honesty.”

Think about when things tend to go wrong in Jurassic World. When dinosaurs get out of their enclosures and attack people seems like a pretty obvious point! But if we take a step back, we see that the problem started with the existence of the dinosaur in the first place. The cloning and hybridization of dinosaur DNA puts the scientists themselves in quite a pickle! It begs the question, were those scientists using their best knowledge to drive change that benefits others? Were they exemplifying humility and honesty in their pursuits? 

Each film in the series answers these question pretty clearly. The scientists and investors of Jurassic World seem to be in it for their own profit, not for the sake of others.When the cloning of dinosaurs could have been a ground-breaking scientific achievement that would benefit the world, it instead became a money-making machine, creating unnatural creatures in order to sell them. 

Next time you’re making an entrepreneurial decision, think about Jurassic World. Do you want to be like the greedy scientists for whom things ultimately went terribly wrong? Or do you want to be like Owen and Claire, who used knowledge and humility to seek better circumstances for people and creatures alike?