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Classroom Transformation in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Youth Entrepreneurs can impact students by focusing on equipping educators with a customizable, hands-on curriculum and the freedom to serve the unique needs of their students. As a result, students discover, develop and apply their innate abilities so they believe in themselves, despite their circumstances.

And that's exactly what's being done at Tulsa Legacy Charter School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "It has been completely life-changing," says Joan Herron, first-year YE educator at the school.

Nearly 90% of the middle school students within the school come from a home in which one or both parents are incarcerated, and behavioral problems are often an issue. Studies show that youth in disadvantaged and distressed communities often lack the resources, and opportunities that lead to success in the workplace and life; and they are significantly less likely to graduate high school, pursue higher education, and start businesses. 

The YE program has helped shift mindsets. "We wanted to introduce them to something positive and show the students that they matter in this community," says Joan. Not only has there been a large reduction in behavioral incidents since implementing YE (90% reduction; same students, same educators; year over year comparison), they've seen the light bulb come on within their entire school-even trickling excitement onto parents. Since students at Tulsa Legacy Charter School are fairly young, parents came through to assist students during Market Day. According to Joan, seeing the glow on the faces of parents during Market Day was truly inspiring. 

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