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Turning challenge into triumph

His story is one of challenge and triumph, failure and success. He’s a fighter, a father, a mentor and a serial entrepreneur who has faced more than his rightful share of adversity. For those connected to Youth Entrepreneurs, Tien Huynh hardly needs that introduction. The Wichita Northwest High School YE alumnus preaches the life-changing impact the class had on his life to anyone with functioning ears. 

“It was so engaging and hands-on,” Tien says in a conversation with YE AND ME podcast host, Grant Mankin. “Eighteen years ago, that’s not how education was done.” Tien’s journey has taken him from the projects to a projected million-dollar business, but the road has been a little bumpy. Well, more like pitted with potholes.

Yet, Tien keeps coming out on top. But…how? In our latest podcast, Tien digs into some of his biggest failures and describes how a principled mindset keeps him on course. He discusses relatable topics like failing to meet parental expectations and following your passion. He also talks about how to make a side-hustle your dream job and the challenges of running a million-dollar business.

He’s a spiritual guy with a lot of heart who has earned the wisdom he freely shares, and we can’t wait for you to meet him.

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Discussion Questions

Tien faced a lot of adversity in his life. What Foundational Values helped him overcome these difficult times?

During the podcast, Tien explains the trust he put in his YE educator, Mr. Darr. What did Tien gain from that relationship? Who could provide that mentorship in your own life?

What does it mean to be a principled entrepreneur? What value does that bring to both yourself and others?

After listening to Tien’s story, what Foundational Values do you think he embodies most?