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Small town girl, big city passion

Raised in Western Kansas, in a community best known for feedlots and its agricultural prowess, it’s hard to imagine how Haley Regan planted herself in big city tech. But this YE alumna and Garden City High School graduate packed her passion and skills and moved right into the thick of it.  

Haley is the marketing coordinator for KC Tech Council, a nonprofit organization focused on elevating Kansas City as the leading tech hub of the Midwest. "It's a lot of responsibility,” Haley says. “But it's a good opportunity – it's a lot of exposure being thrown into the community." 

As part of a four-person team, Haley indeed has big responsibilities. She writes all of the organization’s communications, from social media to emails and even printing name tags for their various events. For her, the experience is priceless. "The wonderful thing about being 23 is that, with anything you do, you're going to extract things you'll take into the future with you.”  
Haley recalls her opportunity-focused mindset sparking in the YE classroom. "YE was really great and unique in that it allowed me to take initiative,” she explains. “It allowed you the freedom to do that." 

In our latest YE AND ME podcast, host Grant Mankin and Haley discuss her journey that landed her in Kansas City, as well as her current passions and what she envisions for the future. Oh, and she gives a pretty great pitch, too. 

Listen in to hear Haley’s pitch, and you can also check out some of her marketing skills at work on the KC Tech Council’s Facebook page.  

Listen now.   

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Discussion Questions 

  • What foundational values has Haley exhibited along her journey? 
  • What foundational values did she exhibit during the podcast itself? 
  • How did taking the YE class transform Haley’s mindset? 
  • After reading Haley’s story and listening to the podcast, think about your own life. What are things you could do to take control of your future and follow your passion?