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Not your average teacher training

This July, hundreds of educators will head to Detroit for a transformative refill at one of education’s biggest weeks of connection and inspiration. It’s called YEedu, an event that brings together teachers from across the nation to explore new ideas, share knowledge, and network.  

“An opportunity like this helps me to be better for my students,” says Beth Stohlman, a YE Educator at Petra Academy in Bozeman, Montana. “It helps me have different perspectives, different stories and frameworks to teach different concepts.”

Educators like Beth attended the 2018 YEedu in Wichita, Kansas, to recharge and focus on both their personal and professional growth. Amidst fun activities, panels and knowledge shares, teachers got the chance to express honest thoughts in an open forum, celebrating each other’s triumphs, revealing their biggest challenges and bouncing ideas for best solutions.  

“An event like this is just an amazing opportunity to share information with teachers from all over the country,” says Debbie Johnson, a YE educator at Independent High School in Wichita, Kansas.

This year’s attendees will also visit The Henry Ford, an internationally recognized hub of history, ingenuity and innovation. The unforgettable experience promises to expand any visitor’s horizons.

As if this wasn’t enough, educators will spark their curiosity at Detroit Experience Factory, where they’ll discover Detroit’s rich history while learning more about Detroit’s ongoing cultural and economic revitalization. "We're excited to immerse educators in Detroit's rise, fall and renewal through experiential learning and contextual storytelling," says Matt Silverthorne, YE Training and Curriculum Manager. "Educators will feel, touch and taste the rich history and transformation of some of Detroit's unique neighborhoods."

We can’t wait for our educators to engage in this transformational experience. And we’re even more excited to see them leave – with their cups spilling over with the inspiration to create positive change in their communities. 

Interested in attending YEedu? Contact us now at YEedu@YouthEntrepreneurs.org