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Four sources for smart inspiration

When you’re launching a business built around your passion, there are numerous resources available to you. But where should you look for insight, to overcome barriers and seize opportunities for good? Youth Entrepreneurs has rounded up four sources for smart inspiration.




1) E-Newsletter: Entrepreneur.com
Entrepreneur.com, companion to Entrepreneur Magazine, is dedicated to all things entrepreneurial. The daily newsletter includes a roundup of leadership, inspiration and technology content. When you subscribe, select which content is most interesting to you, whether it’s marketing or finance. Sign up and get daily inspiration directly to your inbox. 




2) Podcast: How I Built This
Great entrepreneurs borrow. They take concepts, and then shift and adapt them to fuel their own big idea. The podcast How I Built This uncovers “the stories behind entrepreneurs, innovators and idealists and the stories behind the movements they built.” What worked for them? What challenges did they face? Listen to podcast episodes on your commute or during your workout to spark inspiration for your passion.




3) Event: 1 Million Cups 
Fueled by coffee, 1 Million Cups gathers entrepreneurs weekly across the nation. The free program connects entrepreneurs with community, education and insight. Check out your local 1 Million Cups to engage in a collaborative conversation or present your business to your community. For a sneak peek, check out YE’s recent presentation at 1 Million Cups Wichita.




4) Education: Coursera
Take classes from top universities through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Coursera is just one online resource for ongoing entrepreneurism education. Lessons include Social Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School and Sales Strategies from the University of Chicago. Resources include recordings of video lectures and community discussion forums.

Hone your entrepreneurial knowledge and sound judgment with these smart sources. Interested in more resources from Youth Entrepreneurs? Sign up for our e-newsletter below.