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Why entrepreneurial education? The role entrepreneurism can play in your classroom

The business classroom is a great place for YE curriculum to be taught, and YE students learn critical concepts about markets and how to run a business. But with entrepreneurship education, business is only the beginning. Entrepreneurial education can have a far-reaching impact in the classroom, stretching far past business, economics and marketing. And even if they never own a business, the lessons students learn will carry them far, no matter their career path. Explore the role entrepreneurism can play in the classroom.

Entrepreneurism inspires confidence.

When students learn entrepreneurism, they grow in their understanding of what is truly possible. Through presentations in front of the class and pitches in front of professionals in the business community, students practice connecting with others and showcasing their ideas. Furthermore, they learn just how valuable their ideas and contributions can be. Students who learn entrepreneurism learn just how much they can accomplish.

Entrepreneurism teaches creativity.

Students who learn entrepreneurism practice thinking outside the box and experience the joy of innovation. Through activities like Disruptus and the Invention Game, imagination is fostered and creativity is rewarded. As they learn entrepreneurship, students are even encouraged to creatively “break the rules,” challenging their assumptions and pushing past the status quo. 

Entrepreneurism transforms mindsets.

Entrepreneurism education opens students eyes to the opportunities that surround them. Activities like Market Day teach students how to build and execute a business plan; greater still, students experience the satisfaction of working hard to reach their goals. Not every student is successful on Market Day, but even failure is a learning opportunity: YE offers a students safe environment to try something new, failure, and then get back up and try again. Students learn resilience. They learn that their opportunities are limitless and they learn to view obstacles with a positive mindset. As students’ perspectives shift, they come to know that they are capable of accomplishing their biggest dreams.

Entrepreneurism instills values.

Students learn to approach entrepreneurism in a principled way. Values are the very principles that guide our behavior, and the YE Foundational Values are integral in leading students and alumni to fulfilling and meaningful lives. Every entrepreneurship lesson opens the door to crucial conversations about values. Students learn the significance of responsibility, knowledge, passion, sound judgment, being principled, freedom, opportunity and having a win-win focus. 

Entrepreneurism education can play a crucial role in your classroom. If you’d like to learn more about bringing Youth Entrepreneurs to a school in your area, explore YE here.