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Now That You Know, What Will You Do?

Thomas Edison knew the world was too dark, Henry Ford knew the world was too slow, and Estee Lauder knew the world was too bland.

In his 2013 article, author Steven Garber addresses the question: “Now that I know, what will I do?”

Garber examines such realities in question form:

“Loving flowers of every kind, but knowing what I know of my geography and my yard, which ones will I plant this year? Seeing a hundred kinds of cereal in the grocery store aisle, which one will I buy? Having met many women, whom will I choose to marry? Now that I know you, can I love you? Now knowing what I know about a political decision, how will I vote? Seeing the stories of crisis in Egypt, or wherever the heartbreak is this week, what am I to do?”

YE’s Foundational Value, “Responsibility,” coincides with Garber’s sentiments.  When we take responsibility for our lives, we experience growth as individuals - it’s the value that moves your life from passive to active. Below are three steps you can take to navigate your own path, now that you know.  


Step one is engaging the community around you. Do you read the local newspaper? Do you follow truthful, newsworthy social media accounts? Engaging community will keep you alert for ways to help - through business, entrepreneurship or service.

YE provides consistent opportunities to get involved. Classroom mentoring, judge panels, speaking engagements, educational business activities, partnerships and internships are all ways we help you engage community.

After gaining knowledge through engagement, you might be ready for step two of responsibility.


Many don’t want to engage community, because they would rather not act. It can seem easier to sit and enjoy lives free of responsibility. “Ignorance is bliss” becomes the excuse to maintain a carefree reality.

YE believes in social responsibility because it is how communities form and thrive. YE Consultant, Scott Brown, knows the importance of conveying community to our youth.

“YE helps students understand the liberating impact of markets, as well as their innate purpose, talent and abilities,” says Brown, “Then, we surround them with positive people and resources to help them along the way.”

Your community has multiple outlets to serve and needs to address. There are too many to attack on your own, but what are one or two causes you could champion?


In summation, engage the world around you - gather online or hardcopy sources and do your research, then start a conversation with others.

Once you acquire new knowledge, it is your responsibility to act. It’s how entrepreneurs implement change in the world. Remember, no one will ever be as concerned about your success as you.

“In many ways, it’s the quest for freedom and the expression of creativity,” says Brown, “It’s the empowerment to take control of your own life, in order to strengthen the lives of so many others.”

Feeling inspired to take action? Get more entre-inspiration and entrepreneur resources on the Youth Entrepreneurs blog. Youth Entrepreneurs offers an innovative and interactive curriculum for classrooms across the nation.