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Meet Kyle

Kyle Offutt is a YE alum who graduated from Wichita State University in 2017 with a degree in Engineering Technology Management. He already had a few businesses in progress by graduation, and now is off and running as an entrepreneur. “I think where a lot of people get stuck with entrepreneurship is being afraid to [take] risk and jump all the way in.” Get to know Kyle, what fuels his passion and how he's overcome barriers.

As a YE student: Kyle took YE his sophomore year, but at the time felt he didn’t excel at entrepreneurial ideas or business. He was also very quiet and shy, so he struggled to promote himself and his ideas at activities like Market Day. But looking back, he can see the spark that YE ignited in him, and the fact that the organization reached out to him as an adult brought a lot of opportunity. “YE reached out to me after I started [my company] InFlux. YE has a lot of opportunities, and they’ve worked to help and connect me with others. It’s rewarding to go back and help people who are in YE now: help guide them and answer questions.”


His YE mindset shift moment: “The support I got from my advisors and peers helped me realize what I wanted to do was actually possible to achieve. Little by little I learned if I kept going, I would see results. It took a lot of failures, but eventually it was proven to me that anything is possible if you don’t give up.

His entrepreneurial attitude: Kyle has his hands in a lot of projects that keep him afloat and engaged in entrepreneurship. He runs his media business, InFlux, a social media marketing and video content company he started in college. He works with a business partner on Pinole Blue, a unique nutrition company connecting endurance athletes with an ancient grain from Mexico. And when he can, he trades on the Forex market, which is something he anticipates will grow over time as he learns more about the markets.


What’s next: Kyle wants to continue to grow InFlux because he really enjoys creating video content and learning about social engineering. He hopes someday he’ll be able to hire more people with a similar mindset. He hopes the same for Pinole Blue, and looks forward to seeing their product grow into even more stores (they’re already in 90!). Add the Forex trading and he’s got plenty to keep him busy, but he still aims to help others along the way. “As soon as those businesses are doing well I’d like to expand to help others who were like me, help them to learn the process of building a business."


What entrepreneurship means to him: “Entrepreneurship can definitely be a scary thing that people are afraid to jump in to. The best mindset for me and my peers as we’ve started our businesses has been to just jump in. When my business partner and I started InFlux, we both quit our jobs and moved into a house together to save on rent. We didn’t know how it was going to work yet but we knew we had to make enough to live. The pressure we put on ourselves meant we had to succeed - we had no options - so it made us work really hard.

“I want to encourage people to be willing to make a scary decision even if it takes a few failures at first. Create a good environment for yourself with people who believe in you. You can make a business on your own and be self-sufficient.”