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All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go

With prom season just around the corner, we revisit how one YE alumna said yes to the dress business. Through YE’s Big Idea competition, Mykal Radney of Garden City High School in Garden City, Kansas, created Kal’s Glamorous Gowns, a discount formal dress shop. It was a business influenced by a personal experience. 

“I couldn't afford a formal dress for prom, and I figured other girls couldn't afford them either,” said Mykal. “That inspired me to create a nonprofit that helps other girls in the community get dresses for prom and other types of formal events.” 

Learn more about Mykal and how she embraced the entrepreneurial mindset from her YE mentor, Peggy Hackett. 
What words would you use to describe Mykal? 
“Tiny in stature but mighty in mind, driven and committed.” 

What Foundational Values does Mykal exemplify? 
“Besides Being Principled with a solid plan for her discount formal dress shop, Kal’s Glamorous Gowns, and Passion to give to those with a need, Mykal operates with Sound Judgement. She took money out of her college fund to provide prom dresses, tickets, hair and makeup to classmates that otherwise could not afford that experience. She then had to lean on strangers to support her concept and idea. As a 16-year-old, both of those decisions are a risky investment. But she did it thoughtfully.” 
What moment showed a shift in Mykal’s entrepreneurial mindset? 
“There’s a photo of Mykal and a friend standing with their arms full of dresses. That’s the moment that it went from just an idea and a couple of dresses in the trunk of a car to the realization that this is really happening. Mykal saw that a solid plan, partnerships and being all in can actually create something bigger than all of us. Seeing the look on her face as she witnessed the giving nature of others because of her example is something I’ll never forget.” 

How does she go above and beyond? 
“It was clear Mykal was committed to her effort when she coordinated the pickup of over 400 prom dresses. She collaborated with different communities across Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska.”