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The YE Domino Effect

Aleecia Culbreath has always thought a career in the business world might be in her future. 

“When I first came to high school, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do,” said Aleecia. “With business, you can be an entrepreneur, you can innovate new things. So that seemed like the right choice for me.”

It was that versatility that solidified her decision to join the business pathway at her high school in Atlanta, Georgia. But it wasn’t until she took Youth Entrepreneurs that it really hit home.

“YE is completely different from all of my other high school classes because it’s the only class that I’ve taken that I can feel like I can use it in my future and use it to advance my life,” said Aleecia.

In her YE class, Aleecia gained a perspective and the tools on how to make her dream a reality. She’s also tried to implement the YE Foundational Values, especially Win-Win Focus, throughout her life. And now, equipped with YE, what does Aleecia want to with her life? To pay it forward.

“I just want to create things that make people’s lives better,” said Aleecia. “One person… can touch the life of another and then create a domino effect.”

In this 11-minute episode of the YE AND ME podcast, host Grant Mankin and Aleecia discuss how she plans to create that domino effect, who in YE changed her life, how the obstacles during Market Day didn’t stop her team from making bank, her weave business and the advice she’d give to educators on their YE journey.

Listen now.

Discussion Questions:

  • What did you think about the advice Aleecia gave to YE educators? How can you use it to make a difference in your classroom?
  • What did Aleecia learn during Market Day? What Foundational Values do those learnings reflect?
  • What lessons from Aleecia’s story could you apply to your life?
  • What Foundational Value did Aleecia use in her story about her weave business?
  • How has YE unlocked Aleecia’s innate abilities?