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Supporter Spotlight: Meet Ben Hutton

Ben Hutton, CEO of Hutton Construction, gives to Youth Entrepreneurs as both a donor and a volunteer. “YE gives students the gift of opening their eyes to opportunity and gives the structure to make it a reality.” Meet Ben.  

His career path: Ben began working at his father’s newly launched construction business when he was 12. He earned a bachelor’s degree in construction management from Kansas State University. He worked for a general contractor in Colorado Springs before moving back to Wichita to rejoin the family business. Since then, he has worked in project management and business development before taking over as president in 2010. He now serves as CEO of Hutton Construction

His YE connection: When he came back to Wichita, he first got involved as a classroom mentor before joining the YE advisory board. He didn’t take a Youth Entrepreneurs class in high school (though his friend, Tien, did), but he was excited to get involved as a professional. Now, he supports YE as a both a donor and a volunteer. 

Mentoring mindshift moments: Ben’s favorite part of volunteering with YE is witnessing the mindshift moments with students. “I enjoy sitting with students and watching as they have an epiphany about their business plans and entrepreneurship for their own life,” he says. For one student in particular, Ben mentored him through understanding the value of hiring employees and the return on investment for the business owner. “The thing I love most about YE is the hope and control it gives to the YE student in their lives.”

“In YE, students learn to seize control of their own life and make their own destiny.” 

Why he supports YE:  “I really believe in education,” Ben says.YE ties education to the ability to change lives in a meaningful way, forever. The principles you learn in YE can be applied as a high schooler or a 60 year old retiree looking forward to what’s next in life. The education, information and gift that YE gives the students has a lifelong impact. 

A Foundational Value he values: “Being opportunity obsessed,” Ben says. “I look around in the world and see opportunities everywhere. They are out there to be either had or created. You can use the knowledge and passion to create a business. YE gives people the gift to open their eyes to that and then structure something to help it become a reality.” 

“YE is about hope and opportunity.” 

What drives his YE passion: “YE is about hope and opportunity. My company and my community have been blessed by entrepreneurs. Wichita has a rich background of entrepreneurs who have had ideas and take them to amazing heights. I want that for all the children in our community and around our country,” he says. “YE takes hope and opportunity to them in a way that gives them a framework to create it. I remain involved as both a donor and volunteer, because it’s so encouraging to see that happen all around me.” 

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