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Whether you are a CEO, serial entrepreneur, or a business professional, your years of experience can inform and challenge YE students.

A mentor can make a huge difference in motivating a student to be successful. As a classroom volunteer, you’ll work directly with YE students during regular class time on multiple occasions to build rapport and track students’ progress. You can help shape the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Orientation is provided by YE teachers and staff to answer all of your questions. The time commitment is just a few hours of your time, around five days throughout the school year, and can be modified to fit your schedule and desire to help. To comply with the volunteer standards of YE partner school districts, you will be required to complete a non-financial background check.

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  • Youth Entrepreneurs and/or its affiliates, designees, grantees, and any entities or persons acting on behalf of any of the foregoing (collectively, “Grantees”) may film, photograph and otherwise record said undersigned’s voice, likeness and any other indicia of their identity.
  • Grantees shall have the right to create, reproduce, alter, modify, publish, display, sell, transfer, exhibit and use said undersigned’s voice, likeness, name and any other indicia of their identity in any manner (including without limitation advertising, promotion and merchandising) or form, including without limitation all video, audio, digital and print formats and any other media now known or hereafter created, including without limitation films, DVD’s, video tapes, audio tapes, digital audio files, digital image files, photographs, prints, copies, facsimiles and electronically captured images thereof, without limitation as to method of reproduction or exhibit and without any territorial or time restrictions.
  • No compensation or consideration will be provided for the rights and releases granted herein, other than the potential publicity for undersigned.

I have read, or have had read to me, this publicity release and have had the opportunity to ask questions before its execution; and I am fully familiar with and understand its contents. I agree to this publicity release.


To be considered for acceptance as a classroom volunteer, I acknowledge that I must complete the classroom volunteer application, online background check, and complete the classroom volunteer orientation. I understand that all information provided by me may be verified and I give permission for verification. All information obtained from the application will be kept confidential. I understand that I can be denied volunteer status by YE for any reason, and that I can be dismissed as a classroom volunteer by YE at any time. I also hereby affirm that I will NOT under any circumstances share or otherwise sell any of the ideas and knowledge put forth by any of the YE students, teachers, or staff. Additionally, I give YE permission to include me in email correspondence including but not limited to monthly email updates about the organization and its constituent programs.

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