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Founded in 1991, Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) is a nonprofit organization that empowers educators to discover and highlight value and unique ability both in themselves and their students. By providing educators with a powerful community, a unique philosophy of teaching, and a wealth of training and resources, YE allows educators the freedom to transform their classrooms into impactful experiences that reimagine the purpose of education.

Adapted from the infrastructure of one of the world’s leading management techniques, Youth Entrepreneurs is built on a framework of values that develop a growth mindset and a methodology that combines a student-led project approach with the age-old token economy to drive participants toward self-actualization.

YE has spent their long history helping people uncover their unique talents and abilities through the free interchange of ideas. Forming a powerful, university-tested pedagogical approach, YE was able to translate these real-world ideas into meaningful educational experiences for both teaching and learning.

The YE experience reinvents classrooms into laboratories of personal growth, professional dynamism, and a wholly freeing experience for our educators. For that reason, YE has evolved from supporting education to supporting educators on their quest to build flexible, freeing, values-driven learning experiences.

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About Youth Entrepreneurs

Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) is a community built to empower educators in both their lives and their classrooms by transforming the classroom to a bridge into the real world. In this way, Youth Entrepreneurs is a wholly unique way of teaching and learning. YE uses markets as a powerful metaphor that drives the learning experience. The YE program creates a dynamic, positive, and social classroom where students have agency and educators have freedom in the learning process.

Believing in the innate ability in all people, YE educators entrust students to take lead in the social classroom, discovering their unique abilities while building relationships of mutual benefit with teachers and peers. At the same time, educators are free to let learning develop through organic social exchanges while participating alongside students. Leveraging the power of a token economy, educators are able to control the boundaries of behavior and bolster the students’ shifting mindsets. This learning experience reimagines the hierarchy of the classroom and imbues a sense of agency into each participant. The resulting educator-student relationship built in these classrooms is deeper, richer, and more rewarding than anywhere else.

Simple to implement and evidence-based, Youth Entrepreneurs is built to use real-world situations as a way to promote positive mental health, the development of critical soft skills, and, most importantly, an entrepreneurial mindset—that is, a growth mindset that meets any challenge in life as an opportunity to do something great.

Since 1991, YE has inspired more than 1,000 educators and 35,000 alumni across the nation to adopt that entrepreneurial mindset. YE is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded by private donations. For more information, visit

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