About YE

Our Story

The year was 1991, and two entrepreneurs in Wichita, Kansas, unknowingly stood at the helm of an educational revolution. Observing a need in their local high schools, Charles and Liz Koch funneled their entrepreneurial passion into a platform where students could gain the skills and confidence to pursue productive, fulfilling lives. Youth Entrepreneurs began as an eight-week program, eventually expanding into a yearlong, accredited course and experiential adventure for students in high school. More than 25 years later, YE has inspired thousands of high school students across the nation to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

What We Do

  • Seek the knowledge to run a business.

    YE ignites a passion
    for business education and entrepreneurship, and provides the practical experience necessary to apply it to real life situations.

    Our Curriculum

  • Become a successful employee or business owner.

    YE opens the door
    to economic empowerment and places students on a path to prosperous futures for themselves and their communities.

    YE Academy

  • YE transforms mindsets

    YE transforms mindsets
    by opening students’ eyes to the opportunities that surround them, and then giving them the necessary tools to go after them.

    Success Stories

Our Foundational Values

Values are the very principles that guide our behavior, and we believe ours are integral in leading students and alumni to fulfilling and meaningful lives.


Take responsibility for your own life. No one will ever be as concerned about your success as you.

Be Principled

Always act with integrity, respect and toleration.


Seek and use the best knowledge, drive change that benefits others, and exemplify humility and intellectual honesty.


Respect the rights of others and study the links between freedom, entrepreneurship and societal well-being.


Find fulfillment in your life by improving the lives of others.


You make your own opportunities.

Sound Judgment

Use economic thinking to create the greatest benefit while using the least resources.

Win-Win Focus

Cooperation creates real value in society – for yourself and others.

“YE gave me a medium at a young age to express my thoughts, my dreams and my passions without any fear. I mean, that’s life changing.” Akinbola, 2010, Grady High School, Atlanta, Georgia
“Youth Entrepreneurs ignited a fire in me, and it gave me the confidence that I could actually start a business.” Betsy, 2002, Topeka High School, Topeka, Kansas

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